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The Logic Pro X Crack, which Apple describes as the “biggest update to Logic since the launch of Logic Pro X”, has certainly been a welcome distraction for Mac-based musicians who need whatever relief they can find in there. current crisis.

And there are certainly plenty of new and exciting things in Logic Pro X 10.5 Serial Key (free for existing users) to get excited about, as the tech-savvy leviathan makes obvious but positive moves to align his blockbuster DAW with more, say, progressive contemporaries.

like Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio, FL Studio, and even Maschine. To this end, the most seismic innovation from an architectural point of view is the not entirely unexpected introduction of the Live Loops system, as already established in the iOS version of Logic’s little brother, GarageBand.

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This brings Live / Bitwig-style cell-based non-linear loop recording and in-image playback for compositional and experimental use in the studio, and live performances on stage. A potentially huge deal for those dance and electronic producers who have long found themselves torn between Logic’s extremely deep but decidedly linear workflow and Ableton Live’s tech-jazzer, perhaps less high-spec but in an inspiring free form. . , Live Loops takes most Session View functionality from last to first.

Live Loops Grid is an alternative, but interconnected and, yes, the simultaneously visible interface in the normal track view, hosting multiple tempo-synchronized MIDI or audio loops in ‘cells’ on each track, one of which can be played in a ‘Now.


The idea is to play along with drum loop variations on one track, bass loop on another, etc., to create an arrangement on the fly, optionally recording your ‘performance’ directly in the Track View, where it can be modified and finished as always. The relationship is bidirectional, so you can also drag clips outside of track view onto the grid.

Playback is quantized, so activated cells wait for the next specified beat or measure division before assuming control of the currently playing loop; individual cells can be set to activate when clicked or wake up only when “held down” with the mouse, and various “startup behavior” options allow you to vary the startup time.

Vertical “scenes” are also supported – click the arrow at the bottom of a column to activate all cells in that column, and a single cell in each track or scene can be queued for launch using a keyboard command. In fact, Live Loops support keyboard commands just as much as they do in the rest of the DAW.

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What’s New in Logic Pro X Registration Key:

  1. Relocate the sound library to an external storage device to save space on your Mac
  2. An enhancement to the mixer that allows for easier configuration of headphone mixes and also allows for panning of sends regardless of channel.
  3. Smart Tempo can analyze tempo data in multitrack recordings to define project tempo.
  4. Imported multitrack roots can follow or define the pace of the project.
  5. Smart Tempo now analyzes the tempo of MIDI performances recorded without a metronome.
  6. Alchemy provides drag-and-drop hotspots that allow you to select resynthesis and sampling options when importing audio.
  7. Alchemy allows the numerical modification of parameter values.
  8. Dragging one automation point over another now aligns them vertically.
  9. Automatic Slurs can be applied to selected notes in the Score Editor.
  10. Add a photo to your follow-up or project notes to remind you of key session details or studio hardware setup.
  11. This update also contains several stability and performance improvements.


  • New Live Loops and Sampler plug-ins and serve as excellent replacements for Ableton Live and Kontakt
  • The impressive variety of combined instruments and effects
  • No copy protection, unlike many competitors
  • Excellent value
  • Live Loops define the non-linear DAW workflow
  • Step Sequencer is fabulous
  • The sampler is an excellent replacement for EXS24 …
  • Although you can use multiple Quick Samplers!
  • Drum Synth and Drum Machine Designer take logic to new heights of percussion
  • Autosampler!


  • The mixer may use larger meters and faders
  • No fast Clip Gain-style audio editing yet
  • With the bronze neck in his appropriation of ideas
  • Only four modulation matrix slots in Quick Sampler
  • Problems with some third party plugins
  • Existing users may not like all the changes to the new interface.
  • Not all users will agree with the direction Apple is taking with Logic, and some of its more traditional sequencing features feel neglected.
  • The new user interface makes Logic easier to use than ever.
  • The drummer is the best integrated virtual drummer ever.
  • Track Stacks help organize the tracklist and also adds creative possibilities.
  • Includes MIDI plug-ins, with the ability to create your own.
  • Logic Remote is the best way to control Logic Pro X from an iPad.

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