This site is giving you items identified with Android. All items are secure and safe, it implies that infection and malware free and simple to introduce. An enormous assortment of android items are accessible on this site. All items are absolutely free. Android is a working framework like Microsoft windows and DOCS. Android is a working arrangement of more than 2.5 billion dynamic clients. It is giving Layered security, Transparency receptiveness and Backed up by Google. In Android, things depend on various layers and Android is giving you security at each layer. On Android, you get when and if, your information is shared, similar to your area History and web and application action. In android you remain in charge of your information. For example,if an application gets to your area, while you are not utilizing it around then, you will get a warning. Actually, Android gives you balance that is all in all correct to you and innovation that is valuable for everybody.

Advanced cells and android are not same thing, Advanced cells are versatile that can run applications, for example, web browsers.In different words, you can say that Advanced phones are PC not simply telephones. So also, the term android means one explicit advanced mobile phone though.This site is giving all product identified with Android.